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Best Reggae Album Grammy Nominees

No long talking, this years Grammy Nominees for Best Reggae Album are:

Chronixx - Chronology

Common Kings - Lost In Paradise

J Boog - Wash House Ting

Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - Stony Hill

Morgan Heritage - Avrakedabra


The 60th Annual Grammy Awards will be held on January 28, 2018. Reggae fans are well versed in the Marley's capability to capture a global audience making them high contenders for a Grammy on a yearly basis.

'Chronology' has already solidified itself as a multi-genre album with Reggae overtones and one drop rhythms throughout and by this author's projection, will be a cornerstone of reggae music in the next decade.

Common Kings and J Boog perform to a younger, festival going fan base well versed in their discography and can sing every song word for word. The introduction of streaming statistics into Billboard chartings has helped these artists immensely. 

The Royal Family of Reggae has been traversing the globe for decades and has been able to 'digitize' their music with EDM and Dubstep elements. Morgan Heritage won the Best Reggae Album Grammy last year with 'Strictly Roots'

Best luck to all nominees